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5 Ways You Shouldn't Be Taking Care Of Your Tires

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The tires on your vehicle are one of the most important parts. After all, it's what moves the vehicle smoothly on the road. If your tires are not taken care of, you will most likely have to replace them more often than usual, which can be quite expensive. While taking care of your tires, be sure that you avoid the following five things to ensure that you are caring for your tires properly:

  1. Don't Steam Clean: You may have seen advertisements for your tires to be steam cleaned. This may seem appealing because it removes all the dirt and grime quickly without much work, however, it can actually cause damage to the appearance of your tires. You want your tires to stay black and shiny for the appeal of your car. When you steam clean the tires, it can lead to the tires becoming dull and faded. 
  2. Don't Clean the Tires While Hot: You should not clean your tires immediately after you have driven the vehicle. You also shouldn't clean them after they have been sitting in the sun for some time. It's best to clean the tires while they are cool to ensure that no streaking will be left behind. Also, when you clean hot tires, the soap that you use can dry and create an unclean appearance on the tires only leading you to have to clean them again. 
  3. Don't Use Household Cleaners: While it is tempting to use the cleaners that you already have around the house, you need to purchase special tire cleaner. This is because household cleaners are usually abrasive and can damage the exterior of the tires and the finish of the rims. 
  4. Don't Rely on Cleaning the Tires Yourself: The best thing to do is to get the tires cleaned by professionals, specifically the professionals whom you purchased the tires from. They will be able to clean them so that they are back to the way they were when you purchased them. When you clean them yourself, there is a chance that you can damage them if you are doing it quickly or without the right cleaning materials.
  5. Don't Use Automatic Car Washes: Automatic car washes usually use cleaners that are acidic, which can ruin the tires. It's best to actually get the car hand washed. 

When you know these five ways not to care for your tires, you can be sure that you are taking the proper methods to care for them, which will improve the appearance of your vehicle and the performance.