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Choosing Tires For An SUV Driven Both On The Highway And Off-Road

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If you recently purchased a used sports utility vehicle (SUV) and it is in need of a new set of tires, then it's important you consider where you will drive before you select its new tires. SUVs that are driven primarily on the highway have different tire needs than those that spend a majority of their time driving off-road. By choosing the correct tires for the way that you drive your SUV, you will ensure that the tires perform how you need them to. To this end, here is the information you need to make sure you select the right tires for your new-to-you SUV:

Tire Size

Before you choose the new tires for your SUV, first you need to decide what percentage of time it will be spent driving on the highway and what percentage of time you will be using your vehicle off-road. This is important because both the tire's size and tread pattern affect how your vehicle performs in various situations.

SUV's driven primarily off-road should have the largest tire height possible. High-profile tires provide you with the ability to drive over larger obstacles without damaging the mechanical workings of your vehicle that are located on its undercarriage. However, the higher the profile of the tires, then the higher the center of gravity will be for your vehicle. This matters because it will handle less well on the highway with high-profile tires. If you will drive most of the time in the city and on the highway, then you should select a lower profile tire for better handling.

Tire Tread Pattern

You may not realize it, but the tread pattern on your SUVs tires is very important. When you are driving down the freeway, you want to have a less aggressive tread pattern that does not have large voids. This ensures that your tires grip the asphalt well and they will not wear out as fast as tires with a more aggressive tread pattern. However, if you will be driving a lot in the mud or snow, then you want a tread pattern with lots of open voids and an aggressive tread pattern. The voids are necessary to provide you with maximum traction and to release any snow or mud that becomes trapped between the treads.

Tire Load Capacity

In conclusion, whether you drive your SUV on the highway or out in the mud or sand, it is vital that you choose tires which have the necessary load capacity for your SUV. This is especially important if you drive a very large and heavy SUV such as a Chevrolet Suburban or a Toyota Land Cruiser. Very heavy SUVs need to have tires with high load capacities, or you will have problems with the tires coming off of their mounting beads, leaking air, and going flat. 

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