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What To Know Before Buying Smart Tire Enabled Cars

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If you have not purchased a new car in the past few years, you may be new to the idea of smart tires and smart tire enabled cars. These can sound amazing when you first hear about them, but there are some key points that you should know before jumping aboard the smart tire bandwagon. Though they do have have their benefits, there are also some aspects that may change your mind on the entire idea. Here are the things you should know before buying a smart tire enabled car for your new car purchase.

Car Repair for Smart Tires

The first thing you need to consider about smart tires and car repair issues is the difference between this type of tire and a traditional tire repair or replacement. Traditional tires are easily replaced when there is a car repair or tire repair issue. You can take the car in and choose a suitable tire for the replacement. With a smart tire, you are limited on your choice and you are paying an additional fee in most cases. This fee is to make sure that the smart chip in the tire is placed properly, recognized on the diagnostics, and connected to the car input system. This particular car repair or tire replacement may also take slightly longer than traditional tire replacement and repair.

Dashboard Notification

The smart tire feature is connected directly to your car diagnostic and readout system. If the tire starts to go flat, you will receive a notification. In fact, in most smart tire enabled cars, you will be able to see the air pressure for each tire on your dashboard. The tire with the lowest air pressure will show up as a warning and give you a notification when the tire falls below a certain pressure level. This can be vital if you have a slow leak in your tire that you would not have noticed until it was too late on traditional tires.

Reduced Emergency Repair Options

One of the backups that many people have in the car for an emergency tire repair is a can of foam that can be shot into the tire. The foam comes out as air and distributes through the tire to fix the flat or  plug the hole until you can get to a dealership for a car repair. The problem with this backup is that, often times, it can damage the smart chip in smart tires and cause you to have to not only replace the tire, but replace the damaged chip as well. This is something that is usually not covered under your tire warranty or manufacturer warranty since you are the one who made the modification that damaged the chip.

Smart tires can be ideal if you want to be notified immediately if something is wrong with your tire, tire placement, or wheel area. They take the guesswork out of tire repair and the need for tire repair. You should just be warned that they can cost more and they can have a few more repair issues than traditional tires. Click here to find more.